Choose Online Degree Programs

The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that individuals with a college degree earn, on average, 98% more than non-graduates; and, a master’s degree has the potential to earn a graduate 170% more. Add to that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report that through the year 2006 there will be more jobs created for those with a college education, and it just makes sense to invest the time to get your degree.

Are you interested in becoming a statistic in the higher earning bracket? Does your work, family or commitments make it difficult to attend regular classes? Then online learning might be the answer for you.

Whether you are interested in a career change, increasing knowledge in a particular subject, or just starting out, you will find plenty of online subjects to select from; following are just a few:

* Nursing & Healthcare
* Engineering
* Art
* Business
* Law & Criminal Justice
* Teaching
* Psychology
* Liberal Arts
* High School Diploma

Online learning has become an acceptable mode of education and studies have shown online learners achieve equal or higher results than in-class students. Thomas L. Russell produced a book “The No significant Difference Phenomenon” after studying 355 submissions dating to 1928; in this book Mr. Russell explains that the only significant difference between distance and in-class learning was that when there was a difference in ability the distance-learning students achieved more favorably. A study by the University of Phoenix reported similar findings when they compared their online students with their in-class counterparts.

These studies and the overall acceptance of online classrooms provide an acceptable and convenient option for students. However, this option is not easy. Online educators still require quality from their online students. Students are required to monitor their time and meet deadlines set by professors. While you do not have to commute to a classroom you do have to be committed to sitting at your desk, turning in assignments and taking tests.

Online learning is convenient and can open doors that you might not otherwise be able to open; if you can commit to the time and dedicate yourself to the task you will find yourself included in the higher earning bracket defined above.