Consistent Writing Style

What is something that many applicants overlook the admissions officers tend to bite in regards to personal statements or something that you feel like you don’t see and not this is a somewhat difficult question so can you read it one more time it is something that many applicants overlook the admissions officers tend to like with regards to the personal statement or something that you feel like you don’t see enough in that size I think consistency of the story that you are trying to tell I mean it is tempting to come out with these grand statements or claims or whatnot but to the reader it is it is it is very shocking and it kind of throws you off guard when you are reading a story and it is you know a good story and then suddenly you hear something and it is kind of it takes you aback and it kind of takes away from this from from the story that you are trying to convey. Get to know what makes a story great on

If you have a consistent and a consistent style a consistent mood you know if you don’t don’t don’t worry like oh my essay is not doesn’t have enough obstacles in it and then you try to make it to negative when one sentence it is going to sound you know strange and just have a consistent very consistent story I think that’s very much overlooked something that applicants might overlook is that I actually don’t have a preference for what they write about this is really your chance to share with me whatever you feel comfortable sharing with me and that this is also a confidential process so if you are coming from somewhere emotional or you are coming talk telling me about a difficulty that you might have had that this is going to be a safe place for you to share some of that and as well as you know how you are dealing with it how you are growing from that situation and that it is an honor on my end to be able to share anything that you have to share with me but yeah to feel safe in the process and use that as a guide as well to you know let use that to tell me more about that context on what’s going on I would say for me.

I would definitely agree with what’s been said already and also just it is also an opportunity to display your intellectual engagement and your enthusiasm and excitement for learning in some capacity I think a lot of people recognize that it is a way as seeing how well you write but it is also like the quest which application actually asks this the first essay asks you essentially what do you enjoy learning about or it is some sort of like an opportunity for you to just nerd out about like man it is the class or this topic or I mean I’ve learned things through quests which application so I’m like wow I didn’t even know that that was the concepts that anyone would nerd out about but that’s really exciting that you are right and I get in there with you.