Direct Quotation in Essay

Use the direct quotation and interpreters again direct quotations a limited to 10% of the paper I will mention it once again in relation to plagiarism if you have more you will have pleasure ISM issues because actually you have to saw it yes not to recreate someone Erol else work and words your direct quotations should be no longer than one sentence but sometimes you can add a direct quotation it will be one sentence and you will use one more sentence to interpret it and overall it will help you to reach the word count what students usually omit and what is a very good tip when you miss the workout is to look for another evidence students somehow spent too much time trying to expand the sentences they already have add some needless linking words.

Add some needless explanations and repeating themselves for several times instead you should indicate you should add another evidence if you writing about your life experience you can add another example just think about it if you are using sources you may just google it and it is very easy to do this Sarah chuckles you don’t search for example yes we spoke about capital punishment you don’t Google capital punishment now but if you have to expand to the section on the price you say why capital punishment is expensive and that’s it and you have another evidence and you add it and you have more words you have longer essay and your essay becomes quality and crossing at the end for an argumentative paper you have can add an additional paragraph with a counter-argument which you can which you should refute yes so you may say you may present three reasons why you think so and then you may say the opponent’s all the ideas suggest express their opinion.

And they say why it is wrong why our assumption are not very good yes in the argumentative paper if you present a counter-argument you should repute it it will be a mistake not to refute the counter-argument you that what you don’t have to do is to overdo direct quotations it’s something I have already told you about one sentence not block quotations yes block quotations but several sentences are for books they are used in books yes I wouldn’t I wouldn’t even say in pieces they are used in books asses don’t have them and what you shouldn’t do is expand your introductions conclusions with repeating the same things they should be only ten-thirty don’t make them longer because reaching the workout you maybe somehow makes the work better but and at the same time you make it worse because you make new information you introduce new information in the conclusion this it is a mistake to have long introductions and conclusions plagiarism you know that you have to paraphrase everything you read in other sources and you have to cite it if you don’t paraphrase them it is a direct citation.