Essay Writing Rules Part I

At the end of this lesson you will be able to write an essay in three parts that is introduction, body and conclusion.

Are you having trouble with your homework? I have to write an essay for my school magazine it’s due for submission tomorrow and I can’t seem to figure out how to write it.

Looks like you are having a little trouble drafting your essay, maybe I can help you. Have you selected a topic yet? I’m going to write on the topic my best friend. That sounds good now you cannot expect to write a perfect essay in your first try you need to spend some time thinking about what you are going to write, you have to come up with points that you’re going to include in your essay. Note these points down and form an outline of your essay. A composition of essay made up of several paragraphs, each of these paragraphs has a collection of connected sentences on a given topic. A well-written essay usually has a title and a minimum of three paragraphs.

Let’s see how an essay is written on the basis of a given topic sometimes beginning an essay can be the hardest part before beginning to write we must carry out a few initial steps. First we must spend some time thinking about the topic this will help us come up with points that can be included in the essay, put some thought into essay and come up with relevant points then we can ask questions that relate to the topic of the essay and find the answers to these questions.

For example, we can ask questions like: does the essay have a good title or is there enough relevant matter to include in the essay to come up with points? To include information in the essay we can refer to various sources of information such as books, media and people to get more information needed for the essay. Once we have collected all the information and ideas, we can jot them down as points to draft. An outline for the essay may not be full sentences but they help to begin writing the essay these points, then need to be arranged carefully in proper order to give a suitable flow to the essay. All rights easy now that you have decided what points you want to include let’s begin drafting your essay and fee.

But how do we do that now? We know, that the essays start with the title and the content of the essay is based on it, but other than the title there are some other paths to an essay. An essay needs to be systematically divided into individual paths.