Essay Writing Rules Part II

Let me help you create a structure for your essay. Students often ask me: “Please, help me to write my essay!”. In school I felt stressed to write my essay too. An essay needs to be structured correctly for it to flow smoothly, when being read the essay begins with the title, the title should not only give an idea of the main topic covered, but also capture the interest of the reader.

Other than the title and essay is divided into three distinct paths:

– the introduction or beginning

– the body or the middle and the conclusion or

– the end of the essay

Let’s look at what we need to cover under each of these parts.

The introduction is the beginning of an essay. The purpose of the introduction is to introduce the topic to the reader. The introduction is usually shorter than the following paragraphs as it only tells the reader what to expect in the essay.

After the topic has been introduced, I need to write my essay body. The body is the middle of an essay that gives the most amount of detail about the topic. It is the main section of an essay that follows the introduction. The body of the essay can be divided into several paragraphs with one major point being covered in each paragraph. However, for a short essay, the body can have only one paragraph with several small ideas included within it. The body can include reasons, examples, quotations, statistics, opinions or personal stories of the writer.

The conclusion is the last section of the essay. The conclusion or the end of an essay is the most important part of the essay. The conclusion follows the body, it must smoothly and the essay the conclusion sums up the essay and restates the important points of the topic, including the writers’ views and opinions. Within one paragraph, the conclusion uses words or sentences that signal the end of the essay.

I understand the three parts, but how do I write my essay based on these parts? I don’t know which point to include in what part. Don’t worry is easy will structure your essay right now. I’ll help you put down your points into these three sections. Once the outline has been drafted, the points need to be structured to fit into the three main parts of an essay. Let’s write down the main points of essay in these three sections: the title of essay, the introduction, the conclusion will end the essay.

I need to be very careful to write my essay in the best way.

Let’s look at some helpful pointers for writing essays:

– use the outline as the foundation of the essay

– develop sentences based on the points noted down

– include any new ideas conceived while writing at the right places

– use appropriate words and good vocabulary to heighten the effect of what we want to say and how we want it to sound ensure

– that words are spelt right and sentences are grammatically correct

– the writing must be enjoyable for the reader a bit of humor can be included in the sentences to make it.