Professional Writing Examples

Let’s look at some real-life examples you’ve already got one that you’re formulating for yourself but here’s an example it’s from Michael bellows it’s to Diane Anderson and the subject is the annual sales conference and Michael says I would like you to consider moving this year’s sales conference to the horizons Resort in Marina horizons has all the facilities we need as and offered us an excellent package I’ve enclosed details Marina is centrally located and is served by all the major airlines if we sign a contract by January 15th horizons will give us an additional 10% discount please let me know if you need more information I’d like to confirm confluence plans by the end of next week well before the holiday break and there’s assuming we assume that there’s a closing there as well all right. Find out more about professional writing at Edusson.

So let’s say that this is we’re probably writing to influence somebody to take some action here right we want to see some action but let’s look at this example okay from Eileen Magoo Gyo and she’s writing to a George blocker and the subject is a three week excuse me 3:00 shift coverage in processing for the last several weeks we’ve been provided with three shift coverage in the processing department company employees have covered the day shift and swing shift a temporary employee has been covering the night shift a third shift was covered on a trial basis and it’s scheduled to end this week this arrangement has been satisfactory and we should continue it okay but now we’re writing in a different way we’ve changed our purpose originally we were just giving information now we’re offering some suggestions we want somebody to do something so read it whay Eileen says to George please confirm arrangements for shift coverage okay I recommend that we continue our three shift coverage please let me know what you decide the coverage has been working out very well in the processing department okay.

So this person has thought clearly about their point their main purpose for writing and they’ve thought if I just give information I may not get the results I need and it’s appropriate for me to write here to persuade somebody to influence them to do something so my main point is going to be stated very clearly at the beginning I recommend that we continue ok so Eileen has gone on to say we’ve met all the deadlines and made the most efficient use of employees time that’s because we’ve had company employees cover the day shift and swing shifts and hired a temporary employee thanks if you can let me know this week if we continue this can continue this arrangement okay so verily clearly stated by the way if you tell somebody to do something in the form of persuasive or influential writing they’re generally going to ask you why so your job isn’t just to tell them what you think should be done you’re jealous to tell them why they should do what you’re suggesting.